Much easier to point out the problems than to solve them



  1. Who is Isaac ?
  2.  :how many people are registered on it and has it changed the situation yet ? what”s your opinions on Obama care ?
  3. is food in general safe in the U.S ?  like milk or  meat (beaf ,pork , chicken , etc. )
  4. will 3D printing technology change the future of  bio-tec and the way we gonna get cured ?
  5. Mental Health: What percentage of Americans have mental health problems?
  6. regular check-up cost and  differences between states ? will  a hospital ever reject  to take a patient in ?
  7. how hard is it to get a  PHD on biology  in the states ? How was it like ? any advice?
  8. Technology: What is bio computer?
    BIO computer use system of biologically derived molecules such as DNA and protein to perform computational caculations , retreiving and processing data , what’s the edge or fringe of bio tec ?

 About Isaac

Isaac Mehl, PhD

VP sales and marketing at QMSI

San Diego, California (Greater San Diego Area)

University of California, San Diego

The Ohio State University