Don’t worry , Jacob ! You’ll get your 20 beers …

1: Who is Velvet ? What do you do ? How was the experience to study in the U.K ?

2:  ,  what words would you use to define Smartshanghai (essentially) ?

3: Is Ad. the most important thing for smart shanghai  ?  What else ?

4: Is it hard to run an English site in China ?

5: Fun  chinese hipsters , experience of living in HuTong in Beijing ?

6: Chinese  girl with Foreigner’ relationship  (Jacob comes in

7: Worked for a  record  company experience ? What’s the status of the music industry in China in your opinion ?

8: What’s the experience of both living and working in China  for Jacob ?  And then we gossiped about “The top 5  good and bad things about Chinese guys and girls ” which is evil…but fun and mostly true ?


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